BLUE SUEDE BOPPERS                        

CONTACT: Reebee: reebee at 617-666-5308; Howie: guitarnower at 617-969-2559


If you can remember:

  • When the real Big Chill was the Cold War,
  • When the rebels were doing it without a cause,
  • When background singers went “dip” and “dum” and “ram” and “bomp” and “shoop”,
  • When you could hear rhythm & blues, rockabilly, honky tonk and doo wop on the same radio station,


  • You’re ready for some of that good ole time rock ‘n roll with the BLUE SUEDE BOPPERS.
  • We bring you hot sounds from the era of cool.
  • Before good vibrations, there was tossin’ and turnin’, splishin’ and splashin’, hoppin’ and boppin’, movin’ and groovin’, slippin’ and slidin’, reelin’ with the feelin’, and, of course, rockin’ and rollin’.
  • Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear … and rock your socks off.
  • Dirty Dancing is back like never before and You Are There.



The Boppers played our ‘WBUR Sock Hop’ and they were fabulous. Every number was a crowd-pleaser. They had everyone dancing all night long.

  • “Tom and Ray Magliozzi (Click and Clack), Hosts “Car Talk” – National Public Radio

The Blue Suede Boppers keep the flame of rock ‘n’ roll roots . . . The ‘real stuff’ lives on in the music of the Blue Suede Boppers.

  • Cambridge Chronicle

The Blue Suede Boppers deliver. . . They bring to life the beat, the lyrics, the harmony, and the jive of the ’50s. . . It was hard to sit still when they played.

  • Providence Journal-Bulletin

It’s the greatest . . . You can’t find music like this to dance to anymore.

  • Christian Science Monitor

The Boppers are authentic. For a minute, I thought I was back in 1958. These guys lived through it, and they play it like they were still there.

  • John Payne, John Payne Music Center

The Blue Suede Boppers are a great band and are really great to dance to. They are ever popular favorites with the Boston dance community.

  • Roger Weiss, Director, Boston Swing Dance Network